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Tegusta is a family company that aims to bring high quality rums and liquors from the Canary Islands and the Spanish world to Australia and New Zealand. Tegusta owners Carlos and Haridian hail from the Canaries, Carlos Ramirez has been visiting Australia regularly since 1980 and Haridian Ramirez has resided in Australia for 35 years. Their father, Don Jose Ramirez was born in Cuba, the birthplace of the mojito. Their grandfather, Don Agustin Ramirez was a sea merchant trading goods between Cuba and the Canary Islands. A shipwreck during a hurricane saw Don Agustin lose his shipment of goods, but he regrouped and continued trading in the early 20th century, exchanging rums from Cuba and the Canary Islands.

The links between the Canary Islands and Cuba date back to the arrival of the Spanish in the New World. Sugarcane was introduced by Columbus from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean in 1493. The Canary Islands has a long tradition in the production of rum and produces honey rum known as ron miel de Canarias which carries a geographical designation. Carlos and Haridian are proud to share their heritage and expertise in rum and liquors with connoisseurs and those in search of fine quality rums steeped in tradition.